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As the next generation who hold the future of this world in their hands, you can join this global effort to stop the use of rhino horn. Become a RHINO HERO, spread the word and pledge your support!



As long as there is a demand – which means there are people in the world who believe that rhino horn holds value and will pay for the horn – wildlife criminals will continue to poach rhinos.  Many of the people who still buy rhino horn do so because they don’t have the correct facts about the horn, how it is obtained and the devastating impact it is having on the conservation of rhino.

As the next generation who hold the future of this world in their hands, YOU can join this global effort.  You can become the voice of the rhino by sharing the facts and motivating those around you to STOP USING RHINO HORN.  If you teach just one person and that person educates another, soon the ripple effect will spread the word far and wide and ensure that the demand for rhino horn stops.  And when the demand for rhino horn stops, then the killing will end.

If you would like to get involved with the campaign, please contact us using the pledge your support form below and check the “I’d like to do more box” and we’ll get in touch with you. We also have a range of material which you can download and share.


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About Wild Rhino

The Wild Rhino campaign uses multimedia marketing channels, competitions and first hand African wildlife experiences, to teach the youth of Vietnam about rhino protection, and to motivate them to become ambassadors for the cause.