On the 21st of May 2021 Shire Oak International signed an official Memorandum of Understanding with the Wild Rhino Campaign and pledged their support for the cause. The occasion also included a virtual seminar / webinar presented by the Wild Rhino Team from South Africa to the Shire Oak International staff at their office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This was followed by a team building activity, hosted by the Wild Rhino coordinator in Vietnam and based on various aspects of the Wild Rhino campaign and rhino conservation in general. The campaigns super hero character, Rhino Ranger was also part of the occasion and reminded everyone not to use rhino horn and stand up to become a Rhino Hero.

Through this collaboration Shire Oak International will strive to assist the campaign through various activities and platforms, aimed at not only their own staff, management and directors but also beyond their own company.
We look forward to building on this partnership with Shire Oak International and expand the reach of the Wild Rhino Campaign even further.

For more information on Shire Oak International, please visit: https://ShireOakInternational.asia/

If your company also want to be Rhino Hero, please contact us on info@wildrhino.org